Monday, July 29, 2013

REVIEW: Ashkenazy and Tilling with HKPhil

It has come to a point that my review of the shows I have seen are so way overdue that I have no way of fully recovering from it. So here it is, I will just do a quick and more mini than mini review…

Cultural Centre Concert Hall, Saturday May 25

I was in one of those mood that I just don't want to go to another concert... in fact, after this concert (or rather half a concert), I have stopped going to the rest of the HKPhil concert of the season. I did try, but backed-out at the very last minute... I supposed that I was just concerted-out...

The only reason why I went to this concert was because of Camilla Tilling AND Strauss' Four Last Songs. Ashkenazy was a bonus.

Ashkenazy's Don Juan was almost Wagnerian in approach and texture. It was a bold and confident swagger that fittingly opened the evening and contrasted the Four Last Songs. The first time I heard Camilla Tilling was in a recording of Dido and Aeneas where she sang Belinda. I bought the recording because it has Susan Graham and Ian Bostridge singing and Emmanuelle Haim conducting. It was one of those listening moments when one suddenly sit up and went looking for the CD cover to check who one just heard. Camilla Tilling, unlike the usual Belindas, gave an expressive and vivid portrayal with a beautiful and even tone; and she brought the same quality to her Four Last Songs. Except that her voice maybe a tad small, I was just glad that I went to the concert.

I left after the Four Last Songs... it was just the right note to end the evening.

Ashkenazy Conducts
24 & 25-5-2013 Fri & Sat 8PM
Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall

R STRAUSS: Four Last Songs
SIBELIUS: Symphony No.5

Vladimir Ashkenazy, conductor
Camilla Tilling, soprano

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